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Second gen has some of the best legendary pokemon  <3


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I often daydream about having Pokémon. This would be embarrassing, except I know many people reading this wish for the same thing. I don’t wish I lived in the Poké-universe, though. I want to train and use Pokémon in our world. I wrote a song about this desire—imagining what it would be like to have a bunch of Pokémon and all the good things we would do for people in need. This song could have been an hour-long epic because every Pokémon has a practical use; so, I just constrained the lyrics to some of my favorites and some of yours. I devote this tune to those of you who told me how you would use a Pokémon in real life, and to my favorite blogs with inspiring Poké-content: gottacatchemall, reblogallpokemon, pokemonpalooza, pokemon-personalities, fypblog, and thenintendard. Free downloads of this song are available here (just enter $0 as the price), and you can stream it/like it on YouTube here. Enjoy, friends! — Kavalier Calm

     Poké-friends (Call On Us)

My poké-friends and I help who we choose:
needy souls who need a poké-move
to better their fortune and better their luck.
Yes, those in need call on us.

I train Arcanine for the blind,
and my Squirtle helps fight fires,
and my Charmander starts them when the power’s out.
My Tropius and I visit hungry children;
they feast on his fruit, and their spirits soar
when he gives them rides up among the clouds.

They know that we care.
They know we do all we can.

I lend Chansey to doctors to heal the sick,
and my Snorlax teaches sleep to insomniacs,
and my Diglett digs foundations for new schools.
I send Blaziken to artist colonies,
and he inspires them with his martial art.
His fire burns away their writer’s block.

Another great song from Crowdsource Inspiration! Give it a listen!

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Lopunny Palm Plush

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ID card from the Pokémon Center, 2009.

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